Photoshop Tricks

Photoshop is a computer program used to create and enhance pictures and images. It was once used by professionals, but has now caught on with those outside the professional world. There are many things that users can do with the program to enhance and change their photographs and images. Many of these things can even be done by those without a lot of experience.

How to Convert Images to Black & White

Photoshop allows users to take a regular photograph and turn it into a black and white image. This is done using the layer functions and a few other tricks of the trade.

Convert to Black and White Using Adjustment Layers is a great resource that offers step by step instructions on changing an image to black and white. Users can also check out How to Convert Images to Black and White Using Photoshop

for an easier instruction guide on converting images to black and white.

Retouching Techniques

One of the first things a new user wants to learn about in terms of Photoshop is retouching techniques. With a little work and effort, users can completely change the way a person looks in their picture. Retouching techniques include erasing facial lines and wrinkles, airbrushing and smudging out acne or other types of scars on the skin. One great site for information is

Photo Retouching – Skin Photoshop Tutorial, which offers steps on eliminating minor flaws in skin, while Photo Retouch Tutorials has several different tutorials available with easy guide to touching up photographs.

Posterization is a process that essentially strips the colors and hues from a photograph. Instead of changing the image to a typical black and white shade, it includes different shades of gray and silver. The final image maintains the different shadows and other effects on the original picture.

Webpage Header-Tabbed Navigation Bar

Those who run or maintain their own website will also find some of the tools on Photoshop helpful. Users can create their own unique webpage header to advertise their website or create advertising banners. They can also create a tabbed navigation bar on their site. Steps on creating one of these website headers is found at

Layer Comps in Photoshop CS and get tutorials on using the layer comps at Using Layer Comps.

also examines the use of Metadata and offers a beginner?s guide.

Creating Metadata Templates in Adobe Photoshop. Forensic Photoshop

has a step by step guide to creating a navigation bar.

Create a Website Header Using Photoshop and Navigation Bar in Photoshop – Tutorial

Posterization Techniques show different types of posterization done in in Photoshop and Posterizing Images in Photoshop offers more techniques.